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We offer a wide range of services for all your needs

– Effective station painting
- Maintained painting
– Tanks, cistern


– Efficient station painting
– Maintenance painting
– Tanks, cisterns
– Fire protection paint (certified by International color and PPG)
– Sound dampening, thick coatings to dampen loud noises that occur in production.

We have complete equipment and trained personnel (blasters, painters and inspectors) to carry out advanced surface treatment at refineries, paper mills, waterfalls, on and off short projects in Sweden and Norway.


Entrance hall: length 20m width: 11m height:  port. H:5.8xW:7m same doors throughout the premises


Blower: length: 20m width: 8m

Painting: Length. 36m  width. 11 m

Drying hall: length: 24m width: 11m



Head office

Mailing address:
Box 151
444 22 Stenungsund


Visiting address:
Verkstadsvägen 3
444 31 Stenungsund


For any questions or requests, call us on: 0303-664 80

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