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About us

About K-Technology

We are specialists in heavy rust protection

Corrosion technology, as the name indicates, is a company that has specialized in treating various materials to prevent corrosion. Our competence is qualified rust protection with large capacity, and we were the first company in the industry to be quality certified according to ISO 9002.

Experience is our strength

We have been located in Stenungsund since 1979. Our ambition is to always be a leader in the industry and we have the experience required to guarantee a first-class result. Corrosion technology was approved in 1992 by the Authorization Board for rust protection painting.

Fast jobs, safe deliveries

The majority of our clients are in the petrochemical industry, where we regularly carry out anti-rust treatment according to pre-arranged painting programs. It is mostly about pipes with associated steel structures. The demand from our customers is the highest quality, fast process and safe deliveries as we are part of a manufacturing chain where all parts must work perfectly. Through our expertise, we also receive commissions from other industries that require qualified rust protection.

Quality certified according to ISO 9002

We were the first company in the industry to manage to quality-assure our production according to ISO 9002. This is security both for ourselves and for our customers.

Head office

Mailing address:
Box 151
444 22 Stenungsund


Visiting address:
Verkstadsvägen 3
444 31 Stenungsund


For any questions or requests, call us on: 0303-664 80

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